As a Lynnwood DUI Attorney, I am always looking for new ways to reach potential new clients. One of those ways has been a new radio ad campaign. You can hear our ads from 7pm-8pm every weeknight on 97.3 KIRO FM radio here in Lynnwood.

The ad tells you, as a potential client – that you can call me 24/7. It also tells you that as of November 2010, 96% of my first offense DUI clients have had their cases reduced or dismissed outright.

On most nights my phone stays quiet – it’s a new ad campaign.

Some nights, I get questions.

But this week, I got a very interesting phone call. The caller first wanted to verify that I was the DUI lawyer. Then he wanted to verify that 96% of my DUI clients “got off scot free”.

I corrected him immediately – telling him that from August 1, 2009 to November 1, 2010 – 96% of the FIRST OFFENSE DUI clients I handled had their cases REDUCED or dismissed.

And then he dropped this bomb on me.

“Well I want to know what percentage of these drunks you represent have to go to rehab. A drunk driver killed my niece!”

Oh boy.

I thought a moment about how to handle this. And then said:

“First of all, I’m deeply sorry for your loss. Nobody should every lose anyone because of the actions of someone else. Secondly, to answer your question, almost every single one of my DUI clients goes through a state certified alcohol and drug evaluation and some education, if not treatment. It’s necessary before most prosecutors will even negotiate with us.”

He took a deep breath, and then did something I never would have expected.

He apologized.

“I’m sorry if I seemed hot under the collar, but I heard your ad, and it really got me going. But it sounds like you’re doing things the right way and trying to help, rather than just taking money and getting people off.”

He apologized for bothering me, and hung up.

Let’s face it – people DO make mistakes. That’s the core of my practice. And even good people make mistakes. What do I do? I help.

If you’re faced with a Lynnwood DUI, you owe it to yourself to call DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter at 425-424-9401 for your FREE CONSULTATION now.

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