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Snohomish County Drug Court Gets Funded

Many courts have “drug” court and similar programs designed for offenders who have serious problems with substances and other problems (mental health, juveniles, etc). These courts give additional resources to these offenders so that the underlying problems can be addressed. They are, for the most part, wonderful programs. And Snohomish County’s program is getting a major funding boost.

The Edmonds Beacon is reporting that a grant that was requested for the program has been granted to fully fund the Drug Court.

If you’ve found yourself charged with a criminal offense in Snohomish County, Drug Court may be an option for you. If not – there may be a variety of alternatives to jail for you. You need a defense attorney who will fight for you and be on your side as you navigate the system. Everett Area Criminal Defense Attorney Jonathan Dichter offers you a FREE consultation on your cases, and will happily discuss for you any methods of getting you through the process easily and with great results!