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ToxLab Accreditation - Is the Party Over?

Let’s face it – for the last 2 years, DUI attorneys have been living the high life in King and other counties due to a major scandal at the Washington State Tox Lab resulting in scores of breath tests being inadmissible. You remember the story? Perjury, lies, deception, a cover-up? The kind of thing that Perry Mason loves!

In King County, in fact, the judges threw out ALL breath tests, finding that they couldn’t trust the crime lab at all.

That worm may have just turned, as the Washington State Patrol Tox Lab has become one of only FOUR labs in the world accredited by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors.

The Redmond Reporter is telling us that the breath alcohol program in the Tox Lab has been given international accreditation from the American Society of Crime Lab Directors. This marks only the fourth time this has ever happened for a lab.

So what does this mean? It means breath tests might be coming back in – and now, more than ever, you need a skilled and qualified DUI attorney to help with your case. I think IF the courts DO allow breath tests in, it’ll be from the date of this accreditation forward, but regardless – with the machine back in play, your case just got that much more serious.

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