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Economy, Drugs or Both? 30 Armed Robberies!

It’s not just in major cities like Seattle that drugs and the economy have driven people to desperate criminal measures. The spectre of drug addiction is present in nearly every large criminal case I’ve seen. And adding to it these tough economic times only serves to make it easier to feel so hopeless that you have to go off and do something to survive. Consider that Lake Stevens is a small community not unlike Seattle, Bothell, Mill Creek, Lake Forest Park, and that crime happens everywhere.

The Everett Herald is reporting that Brandon Smith committed as many as 30 armed robberies to support a drug habit over the course of months. He is currently being held on 1.5 million dollars bail.

Is drug addiction and losing your job an excuse for robbery? Of course not. Is it a DEFENSE though? Well that depends on the nature of the addiction and your mental status during the robberies. It’s important in any case to make sure that you consult fully with a criminal attorney well versed in mental state as well as the general defenses. Although it sounds like Mr. Smith made a variety of statements that may preclude a real defense for him.

A great tip is not to talk to the police without an attorney present. Seattle area criminal attorney Jonathan Dichter is always ready to go to interviews with you, help you during interrogations, and to protect your rights both before and after you have been charged. Call him for your free consultation.