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911 Calls - Why they're not a perfect reason to stop you for DUI.

You’re driving along. You’ve had a few too many drinks. You’re in Seattle, Bothell, Everett, or anywhere else in Washington. You swerve slightly. The concerned motorist behind you calls 911. Later that evening you find yourself walking a line and being asked for a BAC test. This is not uncommon.

In fact, according to the Kitsap Sun, it just happened in Kitsap County. A 911 caller indicated that a driver was weaving drastically. Troopers pulled the driver over and found a BAC double the limit.

Understanding that we want to make sure that drunk drivers are stopped, these stops may not hold up in court when the case finally comes to fruition. Why not?

Under Washington law, an officer is not allowed to simply pull over a car based on an anonymous (or unknown) 911 tip. This is true even if the officer gets an accurate description of the suspect’s vehicle. The only time an officer is allowed to effect a traffic stop for a DUI under these circumstances is if he sees corroborating evidence of drunken driving.

If you were stopped because of a 911 call, you may have a solid issue in your case. Seattle area DUI Attorney Jonathan Dichter offers FREE Consultation on cases like these so that you can present the best possible defense!